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On our last encounter, Tiffany had a rough time with all my monster she beef…  so I decided to take another approach by being more gentle and taking my time with her…  I verbally coached her and slowly fucked her throat until that pussy was quivering for my meat…  I trained this bitch to be my personal slut and forever submit to me!


3 thoughts on “TRAINING TIFFANY

  1. I love the work being done here. I’m interested in filming and submitting to/with Tracey and her friends. How could one go about this?

    1. Tracey has done an excellent job of training the little CD whore Tiffany to be her personal bitch! In the end, Tracey’s huge, hard cock always wins them over! Kudos, Tracey! By the way, watching Tiff made me spill my cum! The little bitch!

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